The hottest name among Indian athletes right now is Neeraj Chopra. The athlete delivered an 87.58m throw at the finals of the Javelin throw event to claim a Gold medal in Tokyo Olympics. The gold medalist is not only an inspiration for budding athletes but also for those who want to get fitter. Fitness enthusiasts look up to him to become fit.  While it’s easy to assume, he is blessed with it; however very few know that he was once troubled by obesity and was under tremendous pressure from his joint family of 17 to lose weight. So how did the golden boy managed to get fit and build a chiseled body?

Diet Secrets

While we all laud Neeraj Chopra for winning a historic GOLD medal, this 23-year-old athlete is a die-hard foodie; and has confessed his love for eating gol gappa and sweets. However, what differentiates him is his discipline. Athletes strictly need to stick to their diets

Neeraj usually has brown bread and omelet in his breakfast. While talking about lunch, he loves a protein-rich diet like grilled chicken breast, grilled salmon, and egg. This helps him meet his dietary needs of iron, fiber, omega 3 fatty acids as well.

On his cheat day that usually is at the interval of 20 days, he prefers to eat sweets, vegetable biryani, and churma that is loaded with ghee. Neeraj believes gol gappa is an athlete food and one can feel contended as the water intake is more and it’s mostly water that’s going inside you.

Neeraj also prefers having a good water intake and fresh juice in between meals, this helps him to maintain hydration and balance the electrolytes. While at dinner, boiled veggies and soups he often prefers.

In his recent interview, Neeraj said,” On match days, I don’t like to eat anything that’s too fatty. I prefer eating things like salads or fruits. I also like to eat things like grilled chicken breast and eggs.”

Workout Plan

We can see his infectious smile; however, he has had his share of low phases too when the athlete underwent arthroscopic surgery on the elbow of his right arm in 2019, this kept him out of action for nearly one year but he bounced back stronger. All thanks to his training and workout.

So another thing that we all want to know from this gem is how something as historic as winning a gold medal is possible and what are his workout secrets?

Strength training and abs exercise is what he includes every day in his workout sesh and to increase his stamina, the young athlete includes running too.

His workout is focused on the shoulder and arms; however, he performs exercises to strengthen his legs too. Neeraj believes, for the thrower, the strength of legs required is 60% and upper body 40%. This lad performs weight lifting, double front and size raise exercises to strengthen his arms. To strengthen his abs he performs many hardcore indoor and outdoor exercises including a swiss ball.

Watch him acing out the exercise