Covid-19 Measures

Covid-19 Actions

We at FitKube, Take the below necessary actions to make sure your safety is our priority.

  • Daily & frequent cleaning of FitKube Gym is performed by professional cleaning services to make sure the FitKube is clean and safe to use.
  • The FitKube gym is well-ventilated with Air conditioning which is maintained in the range of 24-30°C temperature.
  • The Industry standard Air-Purifier is inside the FitKube. It can neutralize the harmful virus and microbes present in the air and it is tested on Coronavirus. So you can breathe safely inside FitKube.
  • We cater additional hand-sanitizers, alcohol-based sprays, hands free dustbin inside the FitKube.
  • We post signs and reminders of covid-19 etiquettes at entrance and inside the FitKube, wherever necessary.
  • Necessary communication will be sent to each user of the new guidelines and if any changes related to Covid-19.
  • We are completely cashless and Digital. This avoids the unnecessary contact while physical card/cash payments & any paperwork.