FitKube Smart Micro Gym

Just getting started with fitness or looking for a new challenge? Rediscover your love for fitness, as FitKube Smart Gym, is stacked with the latest and greatest equipment’s that are essential to give you a good workout.
You can perform more than 500 exercises like HIIT, Cardio, Resistance & Strength Training, Free weight exercises, Circuit training, Compound Exercises, and what not?
The Gym Equipment’s varies from one FitKube to Another. For example, at one of the the FitKube in Bengaluru, Brookfield area it is stacked with a high-quality Treadmill, Indoor Spin Bike, Dumbbells, Multi-Adjustable Bench, All-in-One Trainer, Weight Plates, Arm & Leg Curl Attachments, Resistance Bands, Yoga Mat, and Accessories. To know what equipment your nearest FitKube has, download FitKube App & Sign-Up now. So, No room for excuses! Stay motivated and lift your spirits up with FitKube.