What is Fitkube?

FitKube is completely automated India’s Only Private, Pay-per-Use, & No-Staff Smart Micro Gym.

How it is different from the usual gyms?

No Hefty Monthly & Yearly Subscriptions, Our Motto is Price, Privacy, Fitness. You only Pay for what you Use. It gives you the privacy you need. No distractions & No Judgement while you workout. You can workout with your friend, partner, colleague and family members.

What equipments FitKube is equipped with?

FitKube Team has carefully chosen all essential Fitness equipment’s to meet your fitness goals. That includes but not limited to cardio, Strength training, HIIT workouts, Yoga, Chest to Legs workouts, Back to Arms workout. Please download & Register to FitKube app to know more about the Specific equipment’s List at FitKube.

Is FitKube 24/7 accessible?

Our Goal is to provide access to 24/7 fitness facility where users can freely workout at different timings in a day. But, With current limitations and restrictions that we have. We are operating at specific timings. Please Download & Register on FitKube App to know more about the Studio timings. We are working with local Authorities to bring the facility 24/7. We keep this space updated. Don’t miss to visit us to know more about our changes.

How do I use FitKube Facility?
  • Download the FitKube MobileApp on your Device.
  • Register for an account creation.
  • Login to see all the available FitKube Facilities.
  • Use BookNow to select the available timeslot and Pay the amount accordingly.
  • Reach the FitKube Location on the actual Booked timings.
  • Scan the Barcode to get access to Door & Use the facility.
I have booked a session, what’s next?
  • Please reach to the FitKube Location on time as per your booking.
  • Scan the Barcode to get access to the Door.
  • Use the facility during your Booked timings.
  • Let us know your feedback once your done with workout
How do I open the door at FitKube?
  • Scan the Barcode at the FitKube location to get access to the Door.
  • Your only allowed to access facility during your booked session.
What is the Proper dress code to be followed at FitKube?
  • For your safety, Please use the appropriate sports cloths and sports shoes. Wear something flexible so that you should be able to workout comfortabally in that dress code & shoes.
  • Keep the facility clean. So that, others can also use the facility after yours.
What is the minimum age to workout at FitKube?

We take our usage policies very seriously. For Users safety, Currently, FitKube gym is allowed only to 18 years and above age. However, Under the supervision of Parents or Guardians, your(Aged 14 & above) are allowed to access the FitKube. Don’t miss to visit this space if we change any policies.

Is it possible to cancel or reschedule my session?
  • Yes, Cancellation and Reschedule is possible with FitKube. Please visit the Mobile App My Bookings to cancel or reschedule your bookings.
  • Cancellation Policy:
    1. Canceled before 12 hours to actual booking time to get the complete refund.
    2. Canceled before 6 hours to actual booking time to get half of the Booking amount.
    3. Cancellation is possible within 6 hours to actual booking time with no refund.
  • Reschedule Policy:
    1. Your allowed to reschedule the booking upto 2 hours before your actual booking time.
    2. Your allowed to reschedule to the same slot(Morning, Noon, Evening, Night) that was previously booked.
    3. Your allowed to reschedule maximum of 5 times.
Can my personal trainer accompany me?

Yes, you can bring another person along with you to the FitKube gym. Maximum of 2 users are allowed inside the FitKube Facility during your session time.

Do I need to switch-on and switch-off lights and Air-conditioner during my session?

No, You don’t need to take care of Lights, Air conditioner or any other facility inside. The Lights and Air conditioner will automatically switch-on during your session time & Switch-Off automatically after you completed the session time. We ensure that, you enjoy most of the time with your partner in achieving your fitness goals.

Can my friends or family members accompany me?

Yes, you can bring another person along with you to the FitKube. Maximum of 2 users are allowed inside the FitKube Facility during your session time.

Is the equipment's safe to use?

Yes, We take utmost responsibility to keep the equipment’s safe to use. However, its users sole responsibility to understand the each equipment usage before using it. Its users sole responsibility for any damages caused to facility and yourself. Please visit User Guidelines for more information.

Where can I report faulty equipment?

The abundant effort is put into choosing the best equipment’s in the industry to achieve your goals. We do regular checkup & maintenance work at FitKube to keep the equipment’s safe to use. However, Please check each equipment before the use. If found faulty, stop using the equipment & Please feedback us or reach us on the customer support details provided on the website and MobileApp. We take necessary action to service the faulty equipment’s within optimum time.

The previous user hasn’t exited the FitKube while my booking time starts, what should I do? Your Title Goes Here

During Your booking time, Please scan the Barcode to open the door and request the user to exit the facility. If user refuses to leave, Please reach us on our customer support details. You can also feedback us. We take our usage policies very seriously.
If found at mistake, The user will be given a warning or prohibited from using the facility.

I like the Gym equipments inside the FitKube, Can I take it to my Home for personal use?

No, The facility & equipment’s are the sole property of FitKube. The Gym equipment’s and all facilities are only for the usage during your booked time. Please use the equipment’s and keep them at the right place inside the FitKube after your usage.

For Users safety, users will be monitored through Security Cameras, If Found Theft, We take suitable legal action and the user will be warned & banned from using the FitKube.

I am not able to reach the FitKube location during my session time. What should I do?

If the user is not able to reach the FitKube facility for various reasons, User can reschedule or cancel the booking. Please visit the reschedule and cancellation policies for more information. If no user action taken, We consider the user “No show” and no alternative or refund will be provided.

I see more users inside FitKube than allowed. What should I do?

We take our usage policies very seriously. Immediately, You can contact us on our customer support number +918867577657 or email us @ care@fitkube.co.in

I see doubtful activities at FitKube, What should i do?
What is the Refund Policy?

Once the User cancels the session, Users will be requested to provide the below details to transfer the amount as per the cancellation policy.

  1. Name of Account
  2. Account Number
  3. Type of Account
  4. IFSC Code

We take utmost care to keep your data safe. We are working on the best approaches to improve user experience. Visit us again to know the latest updates.

My Payment is successful, But Booking slot is not allocated.

Don’t Worry, There can be a situation due to network issue or timeout issue, Your payment might be successful and Booking slot is not allocated. 

You can reach us on our customer support details along with your transaction details. We will arrange for the refund after verification of the payment details provided by the customer.