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About Us

“Having a private gym is not only for millionaires” You too can work out in peace, stream your own music, and get your sweat on without being judged, as the FitKube gym is on the corner, surely you can spare some time to get there!

FitKube is a unique fitness studio that provides you with the privacy you need for all your workouts. Loaded with excellent equipment that can give you a good workout, these studios are completely private, pay-per-use, unstaffed, and automatic gives you the workout at home feeling.

Core Values

Core Values


We use Pay as you use model. So that, FitKube is accessible to every user.


We are committed to your privacy without any distraction when you spend quality time at our personalized gyms.


We are here to help you achieve your fitness goals with no conditions attached. Youworkout at your convenient time.

Mr. Mallikarjuna Reddy K

Was a software engineer by profession who has passion towards health & fitness. He started his entrepreneur journey with FitKube to
“Make India Fit”.

Mrs. Latha Janardhana Reddy

Is a Housewife by profession, She is passionate about fitness &  working to make Indian community Fitter.

It’s All About Attitude,

Commit to be fit with your private gym!