Usage Guidelines


Cameras are watching You!!

We follow strict rules. If your caught violating the below guidelines, You will be asked to leave the FitKube premises immediately with no refund or alternate arrangements and you will be debarred from using the FitKube Facility.

Covid-19 Directions:
  • Thermal scanning is mandatory and kept at the entrance of the FitKube. Please sanitize your hands before entering the FitKube. Sanitizer spray is kept in the entrance.
  • Users feeling unhealthy are advised not to use the FitKube.
  • Users are advised to wear masks when they are not exercising.
  • Extra sanitizer & Spray is kept inside the FitKube. Please use them at your convenience.
FitKube Guidelines:
  • Users are requested to reach the FitKube facility few minutes before the actual booked time to complete the temperature checkup.
  • Maximum 2 users are allowed per session.
  • Keep the FitKube facility clean after the use.
  • Various reasons that lead the users to miss the session at FitKube facility, The FitKube is not responsible for any refund or make alternate arrangements.
  • Bring Your Own towel: Use a towel to clean your sweat on Bench and any other equipment’s after use.
  • No Food consumption is allowed inside the FitKube. A Bottle of Water is OK to use.
  • Exit The FitKube on time, so others can use the FitKube during their booking hours.
  • For your safety, Please wear proper dress & shoes for the workout. Users are recommended to carry shoes & use inside the FitKube while you workout.
  • Strict ban on use of chewing gum, Pan Masala, Ghutka, Tobacco (Smoking, Chewing) and spitting inside & outside FitKube premises.
  • Make sure to check your belongings before leaving the FitKube. The FitKube team is not responsible for lost items or make any alternate arrangements.